"Jesse says what I think but afraid to say..." 

Jesse Gray is not a breath of fresh air.  He's a windstorm of transparency.  

Throughout his life music has been huge. His parents shared that when he was a baby, before he ever spoke he hummed and sang. Although he doesn't consider himself a singer, he participated in musical theater in the past. He grew up in a Christian home however didn't live out his faith.  One day he heard Lecrae for the first time. It clicked. God used Lecrae's music to influence him in ways nothing else has. That is why he uses this genre of music to help change the way people walk through life. Others have blessed him.  Now he says it's time for him to bless others.

Jesse has a new project releasing in April 2020.  Can't wait for you to give it a listen!  And if you like it, PLEASE share. We need YOU!  No big label here.  No one hears the music unless you tell them.  If you think it will impact someone in a positive way, you help them and us.  That's why we are here.  We'd love to hear from you to know what you think.  Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list so I can keep you posted on new music, events, and let you know about newly released merchandise. PEACE!

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